Dallas Pilot Car

Dallas Pilot Car serves the trucking industry by providing an experienced Escort to Lead or Chase your load to delivery point in a safe and timely manner

Utah Certified and Insured with all PEVO.  

We Love Heavy Haul. Chase or Lead and we know many other High Pole Escorts that we can call upon when needed. Based in Irving, Texas, We are only an hour from TX/OK border Exit 1 and only a little over an hour from TX/OK Border on 81    


About Us

Our Background

 We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to provide that for you.  We welcome short runs, minis, and long runs. We will deadhead up to 500 miles for a load headed back in the direction of Texas. We are fair in what we charge per mile or by day. We love heavy haul, Superloads, or moving modular housing. We look forward to working with you.


Dallas Pilot Car

Escort Service for Oversized Loads

Heavy Haul is what we love.  We provide a Chase or Lead Car but HAVE ACCESS To experienced High Pole and Steerman. We have all of the required equipment to control traffic and follow the laws for each state. Only an hour from the TX/OK border at Exit 1 or a little over an hour from 81 N TX/OK border. We are insured and reliable and work hard for you to make sure that your load reaches intended destination safely and on time.  We accept many forms of payment which include ComCheck, EFS Money Check, Company Check,CASHAPP, Paypal, Credit Card and Cash.  We are paid by the mile or day rate. Let's Negotiate.

Opening Hours

We are open 24 hours a day for reservations and questions.


Have a Question? Please Call or Text, Especially if you are wanting a Quote.



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